Team Vaayushastra has witnessed progressive developments and has managed to receive accolades internationally, achieving great heights of success and is still striving to better its performance!

Team Vaayushastra
Black Darter (2020-21)

Working with the Black Darter has left no doubts why aviation has been in the dreams and imagination of man as long as history can tell.

Hermes (2019-20)

The team secured a 9th rank in design report and 9th rank overall.

Team Vaayushastra
Team Vaayushastra
Aurora (2018-19)

The team secured a 5th rank in the presentation round and bettered its overall rank to 9th globally.

Night Fury (2017-18)

The team ranked 4th in design report and 14th overall.

Team Vaayushastra
Team Vaayushastra
Albatross (2016-17)

The team secured a 3rd position in the presentation round and an overall 5th rank besides retaining its reputation as the best team from the continent for the third consecutive year.

Falcon (2015-16)

The team retained its 6th place while again outperforming all other teams from Asia-Pacific.

Team Vaayushastra
Team Vaayushastra
Phoenix (2014-15)

The team attained the 1st position in the presentation round, superseding internationally reputed teams. The team also improved its overall rank by securing a 6th position besides turning up as the best team from the Asia-Pacific region.

Zephyrus (2013-14)

Within the team's second year at the competition, we bettered our position in the competition by achieving a global 7th rank.

Team Vaayushastra
Team Vaayushastra
Marut (2012-13)

In its maiden appearance at the competition, the team exceeded all expectations by attaining an overall 10th rank internationally.

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