About our Sponsors

You have the power to help us create, develop, grow, mature, evolve, progress, expand and prosper. You supporting our efforts helps us keep going and aiming higher. If we get your support, sky is a just a beginning for us. Lend a hand because it means a world to us. Let us build together and sore higher towards success.

Technical Knowledge and Guidance

The success of this project is dependent on the technical know-how which is often not available in academic circles. Your contribution on this front will be invaluable.

Industrial Contacts

Sometimes, getting in touch with the right people is more important for taking the project ahead. Various machining processes and heat treatment processes require expertise and knowledge that may be rare.

Sponsors Scheme

Contents Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Amount 10K-50K 50K-100K 100K-200K 200K-350K 350K+
Social Publicity
Team Banner
Team Flyer
FRAGMAG -College Magazine
Logo on Aircraft

Why Sponsor Vaayushastra?

International Exposure

Increasing exposure of the company and its products among participants and others attending the program.

Marketing Campaign

The team's website will mention the company's background and products manufactured. The company logo will gain visibility displayed on team banner, brochure and also on the uniform worn by the team on ground , thereby gaining the company cost effective publicity.

Product acceptability

Gain product acceptance among current as well as future potential customers globally.

Product Testing

The company's products will in effect be tested and demonstrated on the ground.

Social Responsibility

The company would be investing in developing future technical talent.